Untangle yourdata.

Trawler is an open source data catalogue and metadata platform built on a knowledge graph. It is open source and easy to deploy. Read the docs

Graph based data catalogue.

Connect metadata across datasets and systems.

Trawler's graph data model supports column-level data lineage so you can trace data flow throughout your datasets and systems.

Flexible data model

Trawler's flexible data model allows you to ingest metadata from across your organisation.

Connect your data

Trawler's agent can ingest data from a variety of data sources including SQL, flat-files and Spark. Use the Python API to write your own integrations. Read the docs

Flexible schema

Trawler builds on semantic web technologies like JSON-LD to accurately model your metadata. Extend the ontology to add your own metadata types. Read the docs

Simple deployment

Trawler can be deployed simply and easily on top of a postgres database. Read the docs

Open source

As well as supporting open APIs and standard data formats, Trawler itself is open source. Check out our Github